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Online LaTex Editor/Compiler


Overleaf is a free service that lets you create, edit and share your scientific ideas easily online using LaTeX, a comprehensive and powerful tool for scientific writing.


ShareLaTeX is a great on-line LaTeX edition tool that allows you to create LaTeX documents directly in your web browser. This article explains how to create a new project in ShareLaTeX, either starting from scratch, uploading your own files or using one of the many templates available.

Figures in LaTex

Matplotlib Tutorial(译)

Overview of Python Visualization Tools

如何在论文中画出漂亮的插图? - 知乎

Plotly, a free app that provides thousands of engineers and scientists tools to analyze and visualize data. With Plotly, you can quickly: Make New-York-Times-quality charts online, add lines-of-best fit, and share with other data scientists. There are also popular APIs for R, MATLAB, Python, and JavaScript.